State Series Pass Orders

This year we will be utilizing the Huddle/GoFan platform to purchase and distribute physical cards for State Series Passes.

The following link include directions for schools ordering their State Series Passes for the 2017-18 year. Please use your email address as the PROMO code to validate your Complimentary Passes. You must be in our records in order to validate them.

Payment by School Credit Card -

Complimentary Pass ONLY Passes and/or Payment by School Invoice -

IMPORTANT!  Invoices will be sent from Go Fan - Huddle Tickets. For a W-9 click Huddle Tickets LLC - W9  For questions regarding your order, email  support [at] gofan [dot] co or call 678-679-7676. Sending checks to the FHSAA will delay your order. 


$64.00 through September 29, 2017

$80.00 September 30, 2017 through October 27, 2017

$100.00 October 28 2017 through April 27, 2017


                -Passes ordered through October 2nd will be mailed the week of October 2nd.

                -Passes ordered between October 2nd through the 30th will be shipped the week of October 30th.

                -Passes ordered after October 27th will be shipped on a weekly bases.


- NO REPLACEMENTS. Must be purchased at full price. 



Florida High School State Championship Series passes may be used at district, regional and state Florida High School State Championship Series events. Each full member school is eligible to receive two complimentary passes each school year for use by the principal and the FHSAA representative or athletic director, issued in their names. Each member school has the option to purchase additional passes. For more details see Policy 15.1 Florida High School State Championship Series Pass.

Questions?support [at] gofan [dot] co or call 678-679-7676