General Athletic

AT01 - Contract for Interscholastic Athletic Contests.  Right click and save as new file onto the desktop. Open in Adobe Reader to complete. Email to opponent for signature.
AT01B - Contract for Interscholastic Athletic Contests Against Non-Member Schools. Right click and save as new file onto the desktop. Open in Adobe Reader to complete. Email to opponent for signature.
AT02 - Application for Approval of Multi-School Event Download and email to sanctions [at] fhsaa [dot] org  
AT02S - Application for Approval of Nationally Televised Event.  Right click and save as new file onto the desktop. Open in Adobe Reader to complete. Email to sanctions [at] fhsaa [dot] org
AT11 - Agreement for Media Rights to FHSAA State Series Event
AT12 - Add New FHSAA Sport/New State Series Entry Form. Go to Home Campus. FHSAA Forms > Add Drop Form     
AT14 - State Series Pass Orders This year we will be utilizing the Huddle/GoFan platform to purchase and distribute physical cards for State Series Passes. The following link include directions for schools ordering their State Series Passes for the 2017-18 year. Please use your email address as the PROMO code to validate your Complimentary Passes. You must be in our records in order to validate them. Payment by School Credit Card - Complimentary Pass ONLY Passes and/or Payment by School Invoice - IMPORTANT!  Invoices will be sent from Go Fan - Huddle Tickets. For a W-9 click Huddle Tickets LLC - W9  For questions regarding your order, email  support [at] gofan [dot] co or call 678-679-7676. Sending checks to the FHSAA will delay your order.  PRICE SCHEDULE $64.00 through September 29, 2017 $80.00 September 30, 2017 through October 27, 2017 $100.00 October 28 2017 through April 27, 2017 SHIPPING SCHEDULE:                 -Passes ordered through October 2nd will be mailed the week of October 2nd.                 -Passes ordered between October 2nd through the 30th will be shipped the week of October 30th.                 -Passes ordered after October 27th will be shipped on a weekly bases. REPLACEMENT PASSES: - NO REPLACEMENTS. Must be purchased at full price.    POLICY 15.1 Florida High School State Championship Series passes may be used at district, regional and state Florida High School State Championship Series events. Each full member school is eligible to receive two complimentary passes each school year for use by the principal and the FHSAA representative or athletic director, issued in their names. Each member school has the option to purchase additional passes. For more details see Policy 15.1 Florida High School State Championship Series Pass. Questions?: support [at] gofan [dot] co or call 678-679-7676
AT15 - Petition for Reconsideration of Unsportsmanlike Conduct Penalty
AT17 - Affidavit of 
Policies 40.5.1 and on concussions and sudden cardiac arrest
AT18 - Post Head Injury/Concussion Initial Return to Participation
Official Entry List - Official State Series Entry Lis - COMING SOON

Contest Officials Forms, General Athletic

AT07 - Exceptional Sportsmanship Report

General Athletic, Financial

AT10 - FHSAA State Series Contest Pass Gate Sign-In Form


Committee and Board of Directors Travel Voucher - Committee Meetings, Consultant, and BOD Members Travel Expense Voucher
FN2 - State Series Financial Report Form – District and Regional Tournaments and Meets (for baseball, basketball, soccer, softball and girls volleyball)
FN4 - State Finals Financial Report Form
FNTV - Financial Report Form for Nationally Televised Events


EL02 - Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation
EL03 - Consent and Release from Liability Certificate
EL05 - Academic Performance Contract for Athletic Eligibility.    
EL07 - Registration Form for Home Education Student to Participate in Athletics at Member Schools
EL07V - Verification of Student Registration with Public School District Home Education Office
EL09 - Home Education Student Academic Progress Report
EL10 - Request for Eligibility Ruling. Go to Homecampus > FHSAA Forms
EL11 - Request for Sectional Appeals Committe Hearing. Go to Homecampus > FHSAA Forms
EL11B - Request for Board of Directors Appeal Hearing. Go to Homecampus > FHSAA Forms
EL11M - Request for Mediation. Go to Homecampus > FHSAA Forms
EL12 - Registration and Guidelines for Student Attending a Non-Member Private School to Participate at the Zoned Public School
EL12V - Non-Member Private School Verification Form
EL13 - Registration Form for New or Returning Non-Traditional Students Participating in Athletics at a Member School. To be filled out in FORMS > Eligibility & Compliance
EL14 - Verification of Student Controlled Open Enrollment Option with Public School District

Financial, Sports Forms

FB3 - FHSAA Financial Report Form for Football Postseason Bowl Game
FB4 - FHSAA Financial Report Form for Preseason/Spring Classic Football Game
FB5 - State Football Series Financial Report Form – Regional Tournament or State Semifinal

Contest Officials Forms, Miscellaneous

General Administrative

GA02 - Updating Member School Athletic Personnel List is to be completed on Home Campus by each member school - click here for assistance on user management. 
GA04 - Affidavit of Compliance with FHSAA Policy on Athletic Recruiting
GA05 - Proposal to Amend Bylaws of the FHSAA
GA7 - Clearance for Participation Form


Hall of Fame Nomination Form - Florida High School Athletic Hall of Fame Nomination Form
Public Records Request Form - FHSAA Public Records Request Form. Please note that this form is a fillable PDF.


MB1 - Information Request for Becoming FHSAA Member. Please Note: Application for First Time Membership beginning with 2017-18 school year is currently CLOSED. Will open for 2018-19 school year in Spring of 2018.
MB2 - Continuing Full Membership Application for Public, Charter, and Laboratory Schools - Application period is closed
MB2-P - Continuing Full Membership Application for Private Schools - Application period is closed
MB3 - First-Time Membership Application.  The application for the 2018-19 school year will be available no later than April 1st and will be due back by April 30th. 

General Administrative, Eligibility