Credential Request Form

Media representatives and/or schools wishing to obtain credentials for an FHSAA Finals state championship event must complete and submit this form by the appropriate deadline (listed below). Credential requests received after the submission deadline will not be considered. Credentials may be picked up at the site.

Credential requests must be made in advance of the event. Walk-up requests will not be considered.

To pick up a credential at press will call at FHSAA Finals events, you must present both a picture ID and a valid media ID (provided by the representative outlet). For correspondents, etc., a short validation letter from the outlet's sports editor, printed on outlet stationery will suffice as valid media ID.

Please note:

  • Credential requests from Internet sites or magazines will be considered on an individual basis.
  • Credential requests from recruiting services or scouts will not be considered.
  • Media representatives covering an FHSAA Finals event are expected to dress in appropriate professional attire.
  • If the media entity does not know which reporter/photographer it will send, please put TBA.
  • Submitting this form does not guarantee a credential. Your must receive approval and confirmation from the FHSAA Office for your request. A confirmation approval or denial e-mail will follow. If a response has not been received, it is the requester's responsbility to follow up in advance of the event. There is no such thing as "instant online credentialing" and all requests must be reviewed before being approved by the FHSAA Office.

Deadlines for submitting credential requests:

  • Boys Weightlifting - Wednesday, April 13
  • Water Polo - Wednesday, April 13
  • Lacrosse - Wednesday, April 27
  • Softball - Monday, May 2
  • Boys Volleyball - Wednesday, May 4
  • Track & Field - Wednesday, May 4
  • Baseball (Classes 1A-4A) - Monday, May 9
  • Flag Football - Wednesday, May 11
  • Baseball (Classes 5A-9A) - Monday, May 16

Please understand that there is no such thing as "instant online credentialing." Your request must be reviewed before a credential can be approved by the FHSAA Office.

Questions? E-mail media [at] fhsaa [dot] org.

A. Contact Information

** NOTE: Individuals requesting credentials on behalf of Internet sites must complete Section C below. Individuals requesting credentials on behalf of specialty publications must complete Section D below. Individuals requesting crdednetials on behalf of out-of-state media must complete Section E below.

Counties, Cities

Include area code, e.g. XXX-XXX-XXXX

Include area code, e.g. XXX-XXX-XXXX