Sports & Programs

Member Schools on Probation 

Listed below are schools currently serving a term(s) of restrictive probation. Year(s) of probation are given in terms of school years. Sport abbreviations are: ALL, all sports; BA, boys baseball; BBB, boys basketball; BBG, girls basketball; CCB, boys cross country; CCG, girls cross country; CH, competitive cheerleading; FFG, girls flag football; FB, boys tackle football; GOB, boys golf; GOG, girls golf; LCB, boys lacrosse; LCG, girls lacrosse; SB, girls fast-pitch softball; SCB, boys soccer; SCG, girls soccer; SWB, boys swimming & diving; SWG, girls swimming & diving; TNB, boys tennis; TNG, girls tennis; TRB, boys track & field; TRG, girls track & field; VBB, boys volleyball; VBG, girls volleyball; WPB, boys water polo; WPG, girls water polo; WR, boys wrestling; WTB, boys weightlifting; WTG, girls weightlifting.

** denotes a combination of administrative and restrictive probation; ^ denotes a school that is no longer a member

Restrictive Probation

School Sport(s) Length of Probation Violation
Chiefland** BBB (JV) 2015-16, 2016-17 Policy 30
Miami** BBB 2015-16, 2016-17 Policy 30
Trenton** BBB (JV) 2015-16, 2016-17 Policy 30


Member Schools on Suspension 

Listed below are schools currently on a restriction of membership for failure to comply administratively with the listed the bylaw or policy. Suspension is for all sports and is only in effect until the deficiencies have been corrected. 

School Violation
Aukela Christian (Hollywood) Bylaw 
Crestwell (Ft. Myers) Bylaw
Grace Academy (Opa Locka) Bylaw
North Florida Educational (Jacksonville) Bylaw
Redland Christian (Homestead) Bylaw
Temple College Prep (Jacksonville) Bylaws &
TLAP Academy (West Palm Beach) Bylaws &