Sports & Programs

Member Schools on Probation

List below are schools currently serving a term(s) of restrictive probation. Year(s) of probation are given in terms of school years. Sport abbreviations are: ALL, all sports; BA, boys baseball; BBB, boys basketball; BBG, girls basketball; CCB, boys cross country; CCG, girls cross country; CH, competitive cheerleading; FFG, girls flag football; FB, boys tackle football; GOB, boys golf; GOG, girls golf; LCB, boys lacrosse; LCG, girls lacrosse; SB, girls fast-pitch softball; SCB, boys soccer; SCG, girls soccer; SWB, boys swimming & diving; SWG, girls swimming & diving; TNB, boys tennis; TNG, girls tennis; TRB, boys track & field; TRG, girls track & field; VBB, boys volleyball; VBG, girls volleyball; WPB, boys water polo; WPG, girls water polo; WR, boys wrestling; WTB, boys weightlifting; WTG, girls weightlifting.

** denotes a combination of administrative and restrictive probation; ^ denotes a school that is no longer a member

Restrictive Probation

School Sport(s) Length of Probation Violation
Chiefland** BBB (JV) 2015-16, 2016-17 Policy 30
Miami** BBB 2015-16, 2016-17 Policy 30
Trenton** BBB (JV) 2015-16, 2016-17 Policy 30